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 three phase AC LED current meter

Description and meaning of model

Ammeter is a measuring current of the instrument. The main types of rotating coil type ammeter, turn iron ammeter, thermocouple ammeter and hot-wire ammeter. Ammeter inside a permanent magnet, the magnetic field generated between poles, there is a coil, the coil springs at each end of the spring in a magnetic field, a current meter connected to the respective terminal spring, between the coil spring and a connecting shaft, the shaft relative ammeter on the front end, there is a pointer. When a current is passed, the current along the spring shaft through a magnetic field, the magnetic induction current cut line, so that the role of the magnetic force of the coil deflected drive shaft, pointer deflection.

Technical Data

Accuracy of measurement

Electric current 0.5

Singal input

3-phase 3-wire,3=phase 4wire

Rated value of AC 1A AC 5A

Over load 1.2 times ( Continued ), 2 times / second ( instantaneous )

Power consumption <0.4VA/ phase

Impedance <20mΩ

The frequency of 45~65Hz or DC

Auxiliary power supply

AC/DC 80V~270V, AC220V, AC380V, AC100V,

Power consumption   <4VA

Function module

Communication interface 1 way RS-485 communication, Modbus-RTU protocol

Baud rate: 1200~9600bps, the default 2400bps

Switch input support 2 stem node input

The switch output support 2 relay output, capacity: AC 250V/5A, DC 30V/5A

Transmission output support 1 analog output: 0/4~20mA or 0~5/10V


Working temperature:-10°C ~+55°C

Storage temperature:-25°C ~+70°C

Relative humidity is less than 93%, no corrosive gas



Insulation resistance >100MΩ

AC withstand voltage AC 2KV

Electromagnetic compatibility

ESD level 4

Electrical fast transient burst level 4

Model parameters

Model  Measurment Extended Function Display Dimension
3-phase AC current Switch input Switch output Transmission output Communication interface LED LCD
HY-3AA11 2 2 1 1 160*80
HY-3AA23 2 2 3 1 120*120
HY-3AA2Y 2 2 3 1
HY-3AA33 2 2 3 1 96*96
HY-3AA3Y 2 2 3 1
HY-3AA41 2 2 1 1 120*60
HY-3AA51 2 2 1 1 96*48
HY-3AA63 2 2 1 1 72*72
HY-3AA6Y 2 2 1 1
HY-3AA73 2 2 1 1 80*80
HY-3AA7Y 2 2 1 1
HY-3AA83 2 2 1 1 48*48
Outline dimension

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