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 SBW-F Sub-tone automatic compensation power voltage stabilizer

Selection prompt

Please use the normal conditions of use of the regulator(power supply)

For three-phase unbalanced electricity grid special place(refer to A,B,C phase voltage deviation more than 10%):in order to ensure the regulator output voltage accuracy,please selectSBW-F series regulator.

For the coal mines,tunnels and other special use areas.because there are long lines and large pressure drop factor,ordering .Please provide details of the use of premlises length of the wire,the wire load area,power transformer capacity  and maximum load current and other information,according to the company

 the actual situation of power regulatorconfiguration.Otherwise ,it will cause the

 regulator after use will not achieve

the desired voltage regulation.

Model SBW20kVA-1000kVA(three-phase) DBW10kVA-100kVA(Single-phase)
Iutput voltage range 304V-456V 176V-264V
Output voltage 380V±2.5% 220V±2.5%
Regulation accuracy ±2.5%
Insulation resistance ≥2MΩ
Withstand voltage 2000V1min no disruption or flasges phenomenon 1500V1min no disruption or flasges phenomenon
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Response time Within 1.5 see.against 10% input voltage deviation
Efficency ≥98%
Waveform aberration No-lack distortion in waveform
Ambient temp —5℃ ~+40℃
Relative humidity <90%
Voltage range common type 380±20% ,uncommon type 380±30% ,uncommon type customize
Mains feature Convenient switching regulator
Ways of working long-term,continuous unattended work
Starting Power-selectable automatic start or manual start

SBW-F-50K 80*56*132 50KVA 250
SBW-F-80K 85*62*152 80KVA 300
SBW-F-100K 85*62*152 100KVA 350
SBW-F-120K 85*62*152 120KVA 400
SBW-F-150K 100*70*170 150KVA 500
SBW-F-200K 100*70*170 200KVA 600
SBW-F-250K 100*80*190 250KVA 730
SBW-F-300K 110*90*200 300KVA 970
SBW-F-400K 110*90*200 400KVA 1100
SBW-F-500K 130*100*208 500KVA 1300
SBW-F-600K 130*100*208 600KVA 1400
SBW-F-800K 85*100*220 (Three cabinet) 800KVA 2800
SBW-F-1000K 85*100*220 (Three cabinet) 1000KVA 3500
SBW-F-1200K 85*100*220 (Three cabinet) 1200KVA 4100
SBW-F-1600K 110*110*220 (Four cabinet) 1600KVA 5560
SBW-F-2000K 110*110*220 (Four cabinet) 2000KVA 7100

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