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 LZJ(C,D)-10 current transformer

Description and meaning of model

LZC(C,D)-10 casting insulation pillar type current transformer for rated frequency of 50Hz.rated voltage 10kV power system current,energy measurment and relay protection.

Characteristic of structure

This type of transformer primary winding and secondary winding with epoxy resin casting.Core body insulation pouring folder pack folder on the nameplate.The clamp foot four mounting holes.

Technical Data

1.Rated insulation level 12/42/75kV(surface condensation and artificial class II filthy conditions)

2.the load power factor 0.8lag

3.Rated secondary current of 5A

4.product standard:GB1208 the

5.Safety factor:FS<10

6.Surface creepage distance:to meet the gradeII pollution class requirements

7.Other parameters see table below

Type Rated voltage Rated primary current Rated secondary current Accuracy class Rated secondary load 10P Accurary class limit-value coeffcient 1 second heat current(Ka)(rms) Dynamic current
0.5class 10P class
LZJ-10 10 5-400 5 0.2/10P , 0.5/10P 10 15 10 60Iln 150Iln
600 50Iln 120Iln
800 50Iln 100Iln
1000 45Iln 90Iln
LZJD-10/LZJC-10 5-400 15 90Iln 160Iln
600 60Iln 150Iln
800 50Iln 120Iln
1000 45Iln 90Iln
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