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 LVQB(T)-35/66/110/220 current transformer

Description and meaning of model

LVQB(T)-35/66/110/220 type current transformer is a kind of Sf6 gas insulated independent current transformer with inverted structure researched and developed by our factory on the basis of sinilar products at home and abroad,it adopt Sf6 gas of  high electric-strength as the insulating medium ,when comparing with oil-immersed transformer,this product has advantages of  good insulation peformance ,long service life,short performance,long service life,short production cycle,simplified processes,oil free,maintenance free,safe and reliable running ,it meets the modern power grid's high reliability requirements to the power transmission and transformation equipment.

Characteristic of structure

The product adoptsinverted composed of shell,explosion-proofsheet,machine body .bushing.base.density.relay andother parts.there is shielding partinsidethe productthats usedtoimprovethe elect ricfield.the secondaryleadwi reis connectedinan airtightjunction box.the shifeldmuually ellcan be divided into tee type and bell-lartypetwotypes.

Maininsulation part adopt structure of coaxial columned uniform electricfield Priman,guide rodandsecondaryshielding partformthe coaxial columneduniform electricshifeldmuually Adopt primary series and parallel connection mod to change the current ratio,also could adopt primary parallel connection.all transformation ratios are got from the secondary tap

Base of the product eqipped withSF6 gasdensity relay.rated pressure is 0.4MPa ,when the internal pressure of product is 0.35Mpa ,density relay will give an alarm,when the pressure 0.2Mpa ,density relay will give another alarm SF6 density relay  has automatic temperaturecompensation function.

Technical Data

1.    Altitude:note exceed 2000 m (the ones exceed 2000m shall be designed separately)

2.Ambient temperature:-40C°-+50C°

3.Max monthly mean relative humidity :90%

4.10min max average wind velocity :35m/s

5.Maxice coating thickness:10mm

6.class of pollution:III,IV class

7.Rated insulating level ;current transformer of 35kV 

current transformer of 66kV:72.5/140/325kV

current transformer of 110kV:126/200/480kV

current transformer of 220kV:252/395/950kV

8.Short-time thermal current:50-63kA

9.Rated peak with stand current:125-160kA

10.With stand voltage level under zero gauge pressure:13times of max working voltage of equiment

11.Partial discharge level :1.2 times of max working voltage of equipment <5pC

12.Annual gas leakage rate<0.5%

13.Water content of SF 6 gas :<150*10-6(V/V) interference level:1.1 times of max working voltage of equipment radio interference voltage <500uV

15.Specific creepage distance of ecternalinsulation:25mm/kV or 31mm/kv 

16.Static bearing load of primary terminal;2000N-6000N

17.Max total mass of product :current transformer of35kV:450kg (there into mass of SF5 gas is 4kg)

current transformer of66kV:500kg (there into mass of SF5 gas is5kg)

current transformer of110kV:600kg (there into mass of SF5 gas is 7kg)

current transformer of220kV:1400kg (there into mass of SF5 gas is 23kg)

Outline dimension

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