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 LVB-220W2 voltage transformer

Description and meaning of model

LVB-220W2 inverted current transformer for 50Hz ,220kV power systems for current and energy measurment,and protective.

The products are mainly from the oil tank,high strength porcelain(or silicone rubber casing)base,corrugated expander,primary winding, secondary winding and other parts

Product Features: 

1.Modern and compact design ,Small size,light weight ,good insulation properts,high mechanical strength.

2.Electric field distribution,the dielectric loss factor is small ,low partial diacharge.

3.Inverted structure,the oil-paper insulation.Anti-current capacity of dynamic thermal stability.

4.Safe operation .Easy to maintain.

Technical Data

Rated voltage of system Rated primary current Rated secondary current



Measure the level rated secondary load and instrument security factor Measure the level rated secondary load and the accuracy limit factor Short-time thermal current Rated dynamic current Creepage distance Rated insulation level Partial discharge level oil weight Total weight
220 2*300~2*1500 5(1) 5P/5P/5P/5P/0.2S , 5P/5P/5P/5P/0.5/0.2(0.2S) 30-50VA , FS<5 or FS<10 30~60FVA , 5P15-5P30 50 125 >6300 252/395/950 <5 100/800

Outline dimension

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