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 LJZ-65(75) current transformer

Description and meaning of model

LJZ-65(75) zero-sequence current transformer at 35kV and below,AC50Hz line.Zero sequence as the high-voltage electric power system three-phase alternator,motor over-current protection.The current transformer is only  suitable for indoor.And three-phase three-core cable outside diameter not greater than65~75mm

Characteristic of structure

LJZ-65(75)pouring of the zero-sequence current transformer is fully enclosed.small size,adaptability to climate,the use of external capacitor compensation,protection of high sensitivity.

This zero-sequence current transformer core high-quailty cold-rolled silicon steel rolling ring,the two secondary coils of the transformer winding along the core ,which coil K1,K3, there is a tap K2,coil a,Xdoes not tap conductive material is enameled.65(75)window for the three-phase cable penetration,the zero sequence current transformer with a floor of non-magnetic material ,is equipment with a metal nameplate.

Technical Data

1.Electrical insulation strength :this zero-sequence current transformer bus ,it is only necessary to examine the insulating properties of the secondary coil;

2.The two secondary coils,the sulation resistance between the two secondary coils of not less than 10 megohms.

3.The two secondary coils,between the two secondary coils should be able to withstand power frequency test voltage of 3kV (rms)for 1minute sensitivity :the sensitivity of this zero-sequence current transformer shall meet the fllowing requirement

Connection to the coil termial symbols of the zero sequence current transformer and DD-11/60 DD-11/60 earthing relay A zero sequence current
coil connection scale value
K1,K2(a,x connect with capacitor) In series 15*1 1-3
Parrallel connection 15*2 2-4
K1,K2(a,x not connect with capacitor) In series 15*1 3-6
Parrallel connection 15*2 2-4

Outline dimension

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