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 LCW1-35(W) current transformer

Description and meaning of model

LCW1-35(W) type current transformer turns,oil-immersed,porcelain insulated outdoor installations.Current transformer for 35kV 50Hz AC system for the current use of electric energy measurment.

The body of this type of transformer installed in the porlelain tank filled with transformer oil,the coil "8" font ,"8"the second half of the word around in the upper half of the primary coil secondary coil by the rolling of strip silicon strip ring cores.

The body of porcelain boxes were installed in the welded by steel ,and has four mounting holes on the circular base.The upper part of the porcelain box equipped with a storage cabinet ,porcelain boxes,storge cabinet  and built then and by mechanical means between the base joint are sealed with good elasticity ,anti-oil rubber pad in the oil storage cabinet equipped with a fuel gauge .Marked with red paint next to the fuel gauge,oil height of the surrounding air temperature , covered in the storge cabinet equipped with a safety that can be automatically opened when the transformer internal pressure is too large airway. Equipped with a coil in the wall of  the storge cabinet succeed .Mark P1 represents a begining of the coils, The P2 on behalf the end of the head ,P1 succeed porlain sets and stoge cabinet insulation.P2 succeed and storge cabinet for direct  electrical connection.

Marked as S1 and S2 succeed in the secondary coil.When the primary current flow from P1to P2 ,the secondary current secondary load flows from S1by S2

Technical Data

Type Rated current ratio Class comination Accuracy class rated output Accuracy limit factor frequency Altitude Rated short-time thermal current Rated dynamic current Porcelain creepage distance oil weight  Total weight
LCW1-35(W) 15/5 0.2/0.5 , 0.2S/P , 0.2/P , 0.5/P 0.2S  , 0.2 , 0.5 ,P 30 15 50 1000 1 2.5 81 or 102 35/176
20/5 1.5 3.75
30/5 2 5
50/5 3.5 8.75
75/5 5 12.5
100/5 7 17.5
200/5 14 35
300/5 21 52.5
400/5 28 70
600/5 40 100
750/5 40 100
1000/5 40 100

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