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 LB6-35W voltage transformer

Description and meaning of model

This type of transformer is single-phase winding ,Cascade insulation outdoor installation.For the rated frequency of 50Hz 66kV neutal point non-effectively grounded system voltage .Measurment for lighting protection.Good excitation characteristics, reliable operation .Easy to maintain ,top with a metal expander,sealed structure.

a common type below an altitude of 1000m. Ambient temperature -30°C~40°C,thetechnical parameters of table.

Technical Data

Rated voltage Rated primary current Rated secondary current Class combination Rated secondary output Accuracy limit tactor Accuracy short-time thermal current dynamic stable current Rated insulation level Pollarity Specific creepage distance oil weight Total weight
Accuracy class V/A
35 5~2000 5 P1/P2/0.5 , P/P2/0.2 , P1/P2 , 0.2S P1 40 15 1s short-time thermal current 100In maximum of40 25ln max100 40.5/95/185 Subtractive 2.5 30-25 162-207
P2 30 20
0.5 40
0.2 30
0.2S 30
Outline dimension

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