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 JDZX(F)-6 10 current transformer

Description and meaning of model

HDZX(F)-6,10 type voltage transformer ,indoor epoxy resin casting of semi-enclosed structure.suitable for AC 50Hz rated voltage 10kV and below the power system voltage ,energy measurment and relay protection.

Characteristic of structure

The voltage transformer for this type of semi-enclosed core quailty cold-rolled silicon steel sheet piled transformer insulated by the epoxy resin composition.Small size,light weight ,install only a limited space

Technical Data

1.product standard :Gb1207

2.Rated insulation level:12/42/75kv

3pollution class:class II

4.load power factor :cos=0.8(lag)

5.other technical parameters are as follows 

Type Rated voltage ratio Rated output Limit output Reted insulation level
0.2 0.5 6P
JDZX-6 6/√3/0.1/√3/0.1/3 20 30 100 100 7.2/30/60
JDZX(F)-6 6/√3/0.1/√3/0.1/√3/0.1/3 15 30
JDZX-10 10/√3/0.1/√3/0.1/3 20 40 12/42/75
JDZX(F)-10 10/√3/0.1/√3/0.1/√3/0.1/3 15 30

Outline dimension

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