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 D363 Three phase CT

D363 & D364 range of current transformers are combination designed 3 CT in 1, save more space comparing general unit CT,

suitable for primarycurrent 75A to 600A, supporting the use of molded case circuit breaker according to

the rated current size.


1:Three built in fixing methods: Panel/Din Rail/Busbar

2:Built in hinged terminal cover
3:Perfect matching with MCCB, save more space

4:Primary current from 30A to 600A


1: Current measurement, monitoring and protection for electrical wiring and equipment.

2: Current and power measurement for electric motors, lighting, air compressor, heating and ventilation system, air-condition equipment and automation - control system.

3: Current, power and energy monitoring device.

4: Relay protection device.


IEC6044-1, EN60044-1, VDE0414-44-1, GB1208-2006

Technical Parameters

Electrical Parameter
Mechanical Parameter
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz Rated Test Voltage 3KV AC (1 MIN)
Rated Input 75A-600A Place of installation Indoor
short-time thermal current (lth) 60lh Class 0.5,0.2,0.5S,0.2S
Secondary 5A , 1A Aititude <1000m
Humidity <80%
Ambient temperature -5℃~40℃
Operating temperature -10℃~85℃
Housing self-extingshing class


roduct Model Ratio (A) Rated power(VA) Cable Dimension(mm) voltage(V) Frequency(HZ)

D-363 50/5A 1.5 3*30mm 720 50/60
75/5A 1.5 3*30mm
720 50/60
100/5A 1.5 3*30mm 720 50/60
150/5A 2.5 3*30mm 720 50/60
3.75 3*30mm 720 50/60
250/5A 5 3*30mm 720 50/60
5 3*30mm 720 50/60
400/5A 5 3*30mm 720 50/60
500/5A 5 3*30mm 720 50/60

Overall Dimension drawing (MM)


roduct Model Ratio (A) Rated power(VA) Cable Dimension(mm) voltage(V) Frequency(HZ)

D-364 300/5A 1.5 3*40mm 720 50/60
400/5A 1.5 3*40mm
720 50/60
500/5A 1.5 3*40mm 720 50/60
600/5A 2.5 3*40mm 720 50/60

Overall Dimension drawing (MM)

Accuracy class characteristics:

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